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"My father has bequeathed a sum to Leprosy Relief. This cause was one that my father considered an important one, as seen in the financial support he provided to your charity for many years." Kathy

"I make this donation in the memory of my grandparents. Thank you for the compassion in helping to make the world a better place. There is no greater good."  Robert

"God Bless you for your good works in helping these unfortunate individuals who have, through no fault of their own, contracted this terrible disease. You are making a very positive difference in their lives of these people and their families." Russell



"Please accept our donation in support of your charity. This amount was raised through our Change for Change Program at our church during the months of January, February and March 2017. You are to be commended for the work you do on behalf of those who are afflicted with leprosy, and we hope that our donation will help you in the work you do to treat and prevent this disease." Sheridan United Church, Mississauga, Ontario. 

Coeur HeartGifts in memory

Leprosy Relief thanks donors who made donations In Memory of their loved ones.

2017 Donations made in memory of:

Burgart and Parent Families, Dr. Debadi Saran Chaudhury, Mr. Arnold A. Fox, Mrs. Isabel Grant, Dr. Tom Jeyachandran, Jerry King, Mr. Henry Knowles, my four grandparents, my siblings who passed away, Mr. Henricus Christianus (Henry) Minten, Dr. Wallace Northover, Mrs. Dorothy Oliver, Oma "B", Mr. Binx Remnant, Mr. Donald Schelew, Mr. Ben Wouters

2016 Donations made in memory of:

Mrs. Deanne Andrews, Mrs. Catherine Blincow, Burgart and Parent Families, Benny and Ruth Callaghan, Mrs. Wendy Doucette, Mrs. Marie Duggan, Mr. John Fast, Mrs. Carolina Greco, Mr. Leo Harvey, Mr. Lawrence (Bus) Jackson, Dr. Tom Jeyachandran, Mr. Henry Knowles, Mr. Norman C. Lawson, Chen Wei Ly, Mr. James McDonough, Mrs. Margaret McGowan, my four grandparents, my good friend Ed, my siblings who passed away, Mrs. Mary Porter, Mrs. Jean Saunders, Mrs. Helen Sinclair, Rota and Martha Thornbury, Mr. Hans Waldvogel, Mr. Ben Wouters, Mr. Walter Kasmir Ziemba.

Action Report for Donors September 2017

Every two months we publish a newsletter Action Report for Donors to inform you on our progress in the fight against diseases of poverty. You can read the latest copy by selecting the picture above.


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