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Individuals are affected by leprosy in 33 countries of the WHO Region of the Americas. America has more than 31,000 people on treatment every year. Together, these 33 countries report more than 29,000 new cases annually, 90% of which live in Brazil. In recent years, the number of new patients who already have disabilities at diagnosis has declined to 7.4%. Early detection of those affected before the onset of disability led to this decline.
The increasing number of relapses and new cases with disabilities are the significant challenges of the coming years in our work in the Americas.

To better understand the situation of a recipient country, we take into account its HDI ranking compared to the rest of the world. The Human Development Index (HDI) is published by the United Nations Development Programme.The HDI combines three dimensions: Life expectancy at birth — Education Index in years of schooling — Standard of living.

Another indicator to understand the countries we are helping is the percentage of the population living below the poverty line. The World Bank defines the extreme poverty line at US$1.90 per day, per person.

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Dominican Republic

HDI ranking 89/187  - Life Expectancy 73.9 years  - 1.6% below the extreme poverty line

Six projects. Partner: Patronnato de lucha contra la lepra and Soeurs de l'Enfant-Jésus de Chauffailles
Budget 2020: $143,616
National Leprosy Program managed from a central unit in Santo Domingo and eight regional health centers. Active search for individuals affected by leprosy through medical examinations in schools, homes, and neighborhoods. Social Leprosy Program to cover the needs of low-income families affected by leprosy. Food and care to needy individuals affected by tuberculosis and also suffering from malnutrition. These projects cover all three strategic goals: Zero Transmission, Zero Disabilities, and Zero Discrimination.




HDI ranking 126/187  - Life Expectancy 74.3 years  - 3.2 % below the extreme poverty line

One project. Partner: Fontilles
Budget 2020: $41,480
Leprosy Control Program in the Managua Region for prevention of disabilities linked to leprosy and social inclusion of people affected by leprosy.
This project covers two strategic goals: Zero Disabilities, and Zero Discrimination.



HDI ranking 82/187  - Life Expectancy 76.5 years  - 3.4 % below the extreme poverty line


One project. Partner: Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph
Budget 2020: $23,120
Support to elderly individuals severely disabled by leprosy living in San Pablo. In 1948, Hospitallers sisters started to work in San Pablo, a village only accessible by boat after a long journey on the Amazon. San Pablo was a village where only people affected by leprosy lived, in poverty and isolation. This project offers dignity and care to destitute individuals. The main purpose of this project is Zero discrimination.



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