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Individuals are affected by leprosy in 34 countries of the WHO's Asia and Pacific Regions. These regions have more than 125,000 people on treatment every year. Together, these 34 countries track more than 157,000 new cases annually, 80% of which are in India. In recent years, the number of new patients already diagnosed with disabilities has decreased and is now 4.3%. Early detection of those affected before the onset of disability led to this decline.
The increasing number of relapses and new cases with disabilities are the significant challenges of the coming years. The most affected countries are Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

To better understand the situation of a recipient country, we take into account its HDI ranking compared to the rest of the world. The Human Development Index (HDI) is published by the United Nations Development Programme. The HDI combines three dimensions: Life expectancy at birth — Education Index in years of schooling — Standard of living.

Another indicator to understand the countries we are helping is the percentage of the population living below the poverty line. The World Bank defines the extreme poverty line at US$1.90 per day, per person.

Asia 2020 - 4 countries - 15 projects 


 HDI ranking 135/187  - Life Expectancy 72.3 years  - 14.8 % below the extreme poverty line


One project. Partner: Damien Foundation
Budget 2020: $62,160
In Tangail - Jamalpur districts. The Tangail Leprosy Control Program provides advocacy, communication, and social mobilization, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of Tuberculosis and Leprosy patients including outpatient and inpatient services. Also, the program provides prevention of disabilities activities for leprosy-affected individuals.This project covers all three strategic goals: Zero Transmission, Zero Disabilities, and Zero Discrimination.



HDI ranking 129/187  - Life Expectancy 69.4 years  - 21.2 % below the extreme poverty line


Twelve projects. Partners: Damien Foundation, DAHW, Lepra, Women in need
Budget 2020: $208,213
India is divided into 29 states. Our projects are located in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana (South), Maharashtra (West), Odisha and Bihar(East). Activities include early detection, treatments, outpatient and inpatient clinics, reconstructive surgery to improve functional capacities, disability care services, community awareness to reduce stigma and empowerment of people affected by leprosy. These projects cover all three strategic goals: Zero Transmission, Zero Disabilities, and Zero Discrimination.


HDI ranking 106/187  - Life Expectancy 71.1 years  - 7.8 % below the extreme poverty line


One project. Partner: American Leprosy Mission
Budget 2020: $34,000
The Cebu Skin Clinic Project aims to significantly decrease the leprosy burden in the province of Cebu. Project beneficiaries are likewise recruited in various research projects in search for new diagnostic, immunologic and chemotherapeutic modalities to improve leprosy control services in various settings. The main purpose of this project is Zero Disabilities.

 Sri Lanka

HDI ranking 77/187 - Life Expectancy 76.8 years - 0.8 % below the poverty line


One project. Partner : Fairmed
Budget 2020 : $63,000
Leprosy in Sri Lanka is a disease with a strong social stigma. The World Health Organization has identified Sri Lanka as one of the few countries to report more than a thousand new cases a year. 1,800 to 2,000 new cases have been detected annually in Sri Lanka over the past ten years. The challenge of reducing this large number continues. The disease affects men and women equally with a high proportion of children under 15 years old. The proposed actions are aimed at strengthening activities and testing new technologies and innovative approaches for active case detection, disability reduction and the identification of high-risk areas. This project covers two strategic objectives: Zero Transmission and Zero Handicap.
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