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Karsingh Rawat, 53 years old.

Karsingh Rawat, a 53 years old man, lives in the hilly region of Nepal. He came to the clinic for his treatment of leprosy, and he followed 2 weeks of self-care training in the Self-Care Unit. He learnt how to take care of his hands, feet and eyes to prevent them from wound and deformity while doing his activity of daily life. He also learnt how to take care of any injury or wound. But Karsingh was not happy to return to his home even after finishing his self-care training, because of his bitter past experience. When people first knew that he had leprosy, they started to hate him. Even his own family and relatives hated him because of his disease. When his father died, they did not allow him even to participate in the funeral.

After counselling, he finally agreed to return home. When he arrived home, he bought some goats and started to look after them. He used his selfcare skills in his daily life. As people saw him getting well gradually, their attitude towards him and his disease started to change positively. Those who had stopped coming to him earlier started to visit him and eat and drink with him again.

Karsingh has now changed his occupation, considering the risk of getting a wound from his current occupation. Now he has started a small grocery shop with the income he made from his goats. He is capable of taking care of himself, and he even teaches others about this. The positive changes in his life can be clearly noticed now.



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