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Bashanti, 12 years-old, needed us.

Bashanti lives in a village in Madhya Pradesh in central India. At age 12, a nurse from our project met Bashanti for the first time. Her hands were already deformed by leprosy. People from her village wanted to expel her, and she thought about suicide. At the St. Joseph leprosy center, she was given a multidrug treatment for 12 months. She came every month to the center with a lot of courage and determination for a child her age.

After surgery and a year of rehabilitation, Bashanti regained good mobility in her hands and was able to return to school. Bashanti can finish school and get a job to earn a living. Your donations have completely changed her life.

We can not be complacent because leprosy cases that we do not detect today will appear in the future with more disabilities and have spread the disease to more people.

Other children like Bashanti find out every day that they suffer from leprosy.
Help us be there when they need us.



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