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So many deformities already.

Manjit is the youngest of six siblings from a family in Madhya Pradesh, India. His father is the sole earning member of the family and carries goods in a cart.

Manjit came to the hospital with multiple deformities; clawed hands and foot drop. It is almost unheard of a nine-year-old with deformities. He had two reconstructive surgeries, and one hand is undergoing physiotherapy. Once it is stable, he will undergo surgery on his left foot.

“We generally recommend not operating on patients unless they are 12 years old. But it is difficult to tell a family to come back in a few years. We had excellent results with small children, so we went ahead, and the surgeries went well,” says Dr. Premal Das.

Manjit is a quiet boy and like other young children of his age, he likes to play. The hospital staff is quite fond of him. Between the physiotherapy sessions, Manjit spends his time in the counseling room, playing with the toys.

Manjit suffers from preventable disabilities caused by the delayed diagnosis. But, once fully cured he will lead a normal life. Having been treated very young, Manjit is less likely to suffer from low self-esteem, discrimination, and prejudice.


 A year has passed. Manjit has undergone further surgeries and physiotherapy sessions. Today, he has regained the functionality of his hands and feet. Last year, it was difficult for him to lift small things, changing clothes, eating etc. But now, he can carry out those activities with ease. He resumed his studies and is attending school regulary. Manjit has noticed a considerable change in the attitude of his friends and teachers. People no longer discriminate against him. Manjit can write and do his homework. He also like to play cricket with his friends.

To sustain his newly found good health, he visits the hospital monthly for regular check-ups.




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