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Messages from Donors

"Hello Maryse. Life is not always easy, but I am very well now. I wish good health to people who sometimes have so little. Take good care of them! Thank you for being there."
Donor since 1989
"Thank you for your continued and constant devotion, especially in this time of Health Crisis."
Donor since 1989
"I make this donation in the memory of my four grandparents. Thank you for your compassion in helping to make the world a better place. There is no greater good."
Donor since 1994
"We are very well, living in the middle of the countryside. Here the birds are singing for you."
Donor since 1983
"Good morning, members of Leprosy Relief. The committee members of « Les Oeuvres de G.P.» are happy to send our annual donation. Keep up the wonderful work you do for the less fortunate of our World."
Donor since 2012
"I am glad to be a very small part of your mission. Thank you for continuing your service during these difficult times, and I hope to continue to help through my monthly donations. Stay safe and sound."
Donor since 2019

Wall of Remembrance

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Our Wall of Remembrance honors Deceased Donors who have chosen to translate their dedication for a “World free of Leprosy” into the lasting gift of a Charitable Bequest.


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Many benefactors make donations in MEMORY of their loved ones

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