Different ways to reach Zero Leprosy

Leprosy Vaccine

Lepvax - 20 years of research

In 2002 began a partnership to develop a vaccine for leprosy. In August 2019, the research completed an 18-month clinical trial (Phase1a) to demonstrate the vaccine's safety. The study showed that the vaccine is extremely safe. The FDA recommended that the LepVax now proceeds to Phase 1b in Brazil. This clinical trial has now started. Healthy participants and patients with leprosy are enrolled to test the vaccine in an endemic region. This vaccine will be an exciting new way to stop the transmission of leprosy and the only way to protect people from the disease long-term. The vaccine may protect against nerve damage, the most severe complication of leprosy.

budget 2023 : $69,100

Our partner is American Leprosy Missions

Portal Infolep


Infolep is the international knowledge center for access to digital information on leprosy. The portal offers easy access to over 29,000 publications. People worldwide visit this electronic library to find a unique collection of information resources on leprosy, key topics like leprosy prevention, diagnostic testing, prevention of disability, stigma, and mental health issues. Infolep is continuously growing. We support the development of this portal and see an increase in the number of visitors from endemic countries.

budget 2023: $9,549

Our partners are Infolep and NLR.


International network of people

IDEA, The International Association for Integration, Dignity and Economic Advancement, promotes equal participation, human rights, and dignity of people affected by leprosy around the world. IDEA networks persons worldwide who have experienced leprosy to empower each other, ensure human rights, and promote inclusion. Nearly all people in the network face daily living challenges. With COVID-19, these difficulties are exacerbated. IDEA hosts weekly virtual gatherings to provide a forum for people to connect under these difficult circumstances and share how they, their families, and communities are doing. Maryse Legault, Executive Director of Leprosy Relief Canada, is a Board Member of IDEA and attends the weekly gatherings to understand better the need of people with leprosy during the pandemic.


international federation

ILEP is a federation of 13 international non-governmental organizations with a shared desire to see a world free from leprosy. Through the programs of its Member associations, ILEP spans more than 60 countries and 700 project locations worldwide. ILEP’s Members recognize that we will have a far more significant impact through collaboration, co-operation, and harnessing collective strengths as we work towards zero leprosy. Resources can be better used, duplication can be avoided, and support can be concentrated where it is most needed. Leprosy Relief Canada is a member of ILEP. ILEP is governed by its Members’ Assembly and Executive Board. Maryse Legault, Executive Director of Leprosy Relief Canada, is on the Executive Board of ILEP.


global partnership for zero leprosy

Despite their combined resources, and expertise, ILEP Members cannot hope to achieve their shared vision of a world free from leprosy without active partnerships with other organizations. The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy is a coalition committed to ending leprosy. The partnership includes Novartis, the World Health Organization, ILEP, the Sasakawa Health Foundation, and IDEA. It also includes the national leprosy programs from many countries, scientific organizations, and the academic community. Working groups are Leprosy Diagnostic, Best practices Toolkit, Covid-Leprosy Emergency Operations, Covid Emergency for Persons Affected, Post Covid. Membership is open to all organizations and individuals who are committed to zero leprosy. Leprosy Relief Canada is a member of GPZL.

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